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Why is an infrared automatic tap the best choice?

Why is an infrared automatic tap the best choice?

Well, it just is, assuming that it is installed and maintained as intended. Besides the widely known benefit of nice looks and convenience, the advantages of a quality automatic faucet reach far beyond that. The keywords for deepening your knowledge on the topic are thermal disinfection, water stagnation, hygiene flush.

Basically, the science behind these technical terms is all about hygiene ensured due to proper circulation of water at appropriate intervals and in a particular temperature. The water-saving aspect is also a valued benefit of an automatic tap, especially for commercial washrooms, and, if you’re a light reader this basically covers all the boxes you have to tick when choosing a high-quality faucet, both, for residential and public restrooms.

There has been quite a hustle around the hygiene and sanitation of faucets in restrooms, particularly, in public spaces, and even more during the current global pandemic circumstances. Mainly it refers to cases when multiple people touch the same taps. The most logical solution here is switching to sensor taps, which are the safest and most hygienic option. However, the hygiene of a handle is just an obvious part of the story.

Water distribution systems are still considered a major source of contamination causing waterborne disease outbreaks in too many parts of the world, particularly in non-residential premises. This refers to the condition of ceased water flow leaving the tubes inactive and prone to microbiological growth, also known as water stagnation.

The pipe connected to an unused outlet and the so-called dead-legs is the first part of the water system, which tends to be colonized by microorganisms in case of water stagnation. Water stagnation may also raise the temperature of the inbound cold water, encouraging the growth of these biofilms, which consist of a layer of slime-like extracellular polymeric substances (EPS), which ensure favorable conditions for different micro-organisms to settle and form a community and potentially containing pathogens, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and legionella pneumophila. These microorganisms can then spread throughout the local water system and contaminate other outlets.

Despite the disturbing image, there is no place for panic since such bacterial build-up can easily be prevented by running water through the sensor tap regularly and not allowing water to remain within the body of the tap. Good thing that modern technologies take so much off your plate due to automatics. Quality sensor faucets, such as the range of the STAND’s products, come with a built-in flush mechanism, making a faucet to automatically activate at programmed intervals, based on either a timed cycle or water temperature, in order to reduce the potential for water stagnation and biofilm growth.

The average price of such faucets in the market is higher than regular bathroom taps, yet this is not a place to be stingy, since such solutions will ensure regular circulation of water in the system eliminating the risk of contamination, not mentioning the better user experience and hand hygiene, saving of water and the pride for a modern washroom.

The magnificence of the STAND’s urinal-sink combo paired with such a tap lies in its convenience and hygiene. Due to the infrared technology and the stagnation flush program, the urinal is always clean for the next user and it is possible to program an automatic pre-flush or cleaning flush to avoid water stagnation after a set period of inactivity, which meets the European requirements for the automatic faucet functionality.

Most of the automatic faucets by any manufacturer work with an infrared sensor. This is an amazing feature, yet it has its own shady side. The sensor can be activated not just by waving your hand in front it, but also by reflected light from a mirror or sleek, reflective surfaces, as well as by very bright colors and reflective clothing, another built-in sensor right in front of it or even by a domestic animal.

To sum this all up, when going for an automatic tap, keep an eye on three milestones: quality of the product, correct installation, and proper maintenance. And note that not all sensor taps are created equal; always ask for quality assurance. To discuss your bathroom ambitions and learn more about the STAND’s range, get in touch with us today.

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