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Warranty Terms

The purchased sanitary equipment complies with all existing EU laws and regulations relevant to the generation and exploitation of the product class. The Equipment is warranted to a 24-month warranty period from the date of purchase. The date of acquisition is considered to be the bearer date on the warranty card and sales receipt, or on the invoice, or in the case of exportation goods the date when transported equipment was transferred to an organization. In this case, it is required to present bank’s financial documents, confirming the purchase of the equipment.

During the warranty period a free warranty repair or replacement of the Equipment and its spare parts (if you buy them together with the equipment) is made, if manufacturer or SIA Jursons causes a defect. In the case of warranty will come into force all-relevant transport expenses shall cover SIA Jursons.

The warranty is void if:

– No warranty card or a document confirming the purchase of the Equipment,
– The Equipment has mechanical damages, which has arisen due to incorrect installation, exploitation or transportation,
– The Equipment is installed or exploited in wrong conditions, including if the applicable water of mechanical clearing is less than 100 microns and if it has been subjected to an aggressive exposure of chemicals,
– Qualified specialists did not make an installation of the Equipment.

The warranty does not provide the Equipment and its spare parts cleaning, as well as the replacement of raw materials.

The Equipment: STAND urinal – sink
The Manufacturer: PAA SIA – the subcontractor of SIA Jursons

Approved by European and Latvian standard EN 22768-1, allowance class – v, taking into consideration point A4.