Unique 2 in 1 concept - urinal / sink combo

Ergonomic and compact hand-washing sink designed so that the hand washing water in an elegant and simple way leak underneath to rise the urinal.

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Discover STAND's Urinal-Sink Combo, an innovative bathroom solution that saves water and maximizes space. Sold in over 25 countries across 5 continents since 2011, this unique product reuses sink water to rinse the urinal waste below, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for businesses worldwide seeking to optimize their resources and reduce their environmental impact.

Function that amazes

Experience the simplicity and elegance

Save water

When equipped with appropriate faucet urinal – sink combo can save up to 50% of water comparing with regular urinal and sink. STAND consumes only the water used in the sink – urinal does not consume additional water.

Save space

When planning new buildings or renovations, it is possible to save valuable space by combining the STAND urinal and sink into one unit. This works well for large-scale commercial toilets as well as small and private restrooms with limited space.

Save time

By equipping heavy duty toilets with urinal – sink combo it is possible to significantly increase people flow and space efficiency. It’s useful peace of sanitary equipment in sports arenas or clubs, pubs and restaurants where people flow is important.

Be sustainable

By producing multifunctional product that combines two functions in one product we significantly decreases usage of materials during production process. This makes STAND urinal – sink combo sustainable and green product in all aspects.

Customize for specific needs

Urinal – sink combo can be used in public and private facilities. Based on the necessary specification in each specific case, it can be equipped with suitable accessories that fit users' and owners' needs.

Combine with a self closing mechanical faucet.

Pair with a self-closing wall mounted faucet and a deck mounted soap dispenser for a complete set.

Pair with a self-closing touchless infrared mixer faucet.

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