Stand urinal-sink

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Material: Stoneware with Gelcoat coating
Colour: White
Size: 680 x 438 x 320 mm (26.8 x 17.2 x 12.6”)
Weight: 16.5 kg ( 36.37 lbs )
Package includes:

  • Urinal - sink
  • Wall fastenings
  • Pipe reducer
  • Drain Trap
  • Siphon

Suitable for public use.
Does not include the faucet.

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Happy customers

We think it is a brilliant idea and great execution. Communication with the team was very fast and the purchase process simple. We received goods in about 25 days after the payment and they were packed very securely and in perfect condition.

Cintia, Callifornia, US, 2020

We live in a closed Neighborhood in the US, Texas. STAND urinal was installed after Haris' initiative in our secondary toilet in the garage. After the installation this has become almost as a primary toilet for all our guests.

Haris and Eve, Texas, US, 2019

It's a great concept and great design. It's amazing that a small company such as STAND was able to pull this up. Keep the good work.

Phill, Leeds, UK, 2017

The STAND has arrived - everything is perfect!! And also the packing is very professional! Now work will start to rebuild the toilet.

Elmar, Austria, 2018

The STAND urinal brings such attention to it thanks to its sustainable concept and original shape. Many of our neighbours are now considering renovations and installation of this product.

John, LA, US, 2018




680 x 440 x 320 mm

26.8 x 17.2 x 12.6”


16.5 kg

36.37 lbs


Inlet – 63 mm



Outlet – 50mm


Faucet fastening:

32 mm